The words generally used in a will to dispose of real estate are "give and devise," but any other words which show the intention of the testator are sufficient.540 The words of limitation which are necessary for the creation of the various interests in land by will have already been discussed in connection with the different estates.541 A will must contain a sufficient description of the property intended to be devised to identify it,542 though by construction, in order to carry out the intention of testator, terms used in wills in describing property are often given a broader meaning than they would be in other instruments.543 For instance, the word

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"house" has been held to be equivalent to "messuage," and to include not only the building itself, but the land appurtenant thereto within the curtilage, and other buildings upon the land.544 So the word "barn" has been held to carry with it the land on which it stood.545 And the term "homestead" would be sufficient in a devise to transfer the property occupied as such.546 So, too, a devise of the income of land passes the land itself.547

W/tat can he Devised.

The term "devise" applies only to real estate; when personal property is transferred by will the technical term proper is "bequeath." Any interest in real property may be devised, even possibilities, if the person who is to take is known.548 So a right of entry may be given by will.549 Property acquired after the execution of the will may pass in several states by that will if such appears to be the intention of the testator.550 But in other states the common-law rule to the contrary has been followed.551