The actual auctioning of property is introduced by reading the terms of sale and making them entirely clear to everyone. The different selling points of the property are driven home to the minds of the buyers. In this work, the auctioneer who has vision - the ability to foresee the possibilities of a vacant tract, to work out as it were a concrete development for it, to show what sort of store or building will make money on a certain corner, what residence property will pay when built - has an advantage. Naturally, the auctioneer must have at his tongue's end the history of parallel plots where investors have made handsome profits, and be able to argue from the trend of values in adjoining neighborhoods the value of the present offering. In this exposition of the property he must not be too glib or flowery. Let him make his points in plain every-day English, using as far as possible simple snappy cases to illustrate his meaning and to create sincere brain impressions. Spoken words, like type, to be effective, must sink into the brain.