Real estate advertising must perform a double function for the broker.

Contact must be established with the seller as well as the buyer.

This principle holds true in advertising involving real estate finance and securities. General advertising, a sample of which is shown in the illustrations of classified advertising, and letters sent to persons having loans about to expire usually bring some results from those who desire to borrow. Many real estate financing concerns make it a policy to carry several small advertisements scattered through the "want ad" section of the paper calling attention to the fact that they have money to lend. In this kind of advertising, particularly, continuous repetition is necessary.

Usually a borrower postpones the act until the last possible moment. When the application for a loan is made, immediate action is the thing desired. Also borrowers detest "red tape." Therefore the advertiser who emphasizes service and reduction to a minimum of disagreeable details should get a response from the borrower.

Suggestions why a person is justified in going into debt and general educational advertising on the use of credit and how to borrow attract.

The lender is looking for a substantial income, and unquestioned security. The integrity of the loan broker also is of great concern to the lender, for he must be sure that his money is in safe hands.

Some banks and financial institutions, such as trust and mortgage companies, have for years used a style of architecture in their buildings intended to establish in the public mind the proper sense of security. For the most part, these buildings have been massive, dignified fortress-like structures which might be naturally associated with ideas of safety.

These buildings impress some persons as forbidding and cold. Consequently, in recent years, a decided departure from this idea is noted and many financial concerns are careful to make their buildings inviting, even at the possible sacrifice of some of the old dignity. They emphasize security in other ways.

Both systems have produced results. So it has been in financial advertising.

It has been the custom largely of mortgage and finance concerns to confine their advertising to dignified announcements without utilizing "atmosphere" or human interest appeals. These have been productive. Others are building on appeals to human emotions and desires and with big results. They have adopted a cordial invitational style that attracts many who do not respond to the austere advertisements.

A definite program is advocated by most loan brokers. Appeals for money and advertisements to borrowers are most successful when made separately. If the dignified conservative type is favored, the campaign should be followed through on that basis. If the campaign is founded on the emotional appeal it should not be interspersed with advertisements of the other type. An advertising style has a definite value. It is disconcerting to find it completely altered and an advertiser may lose much of the value of a campaign by so doing. It is advisable to vary the copy, but a continuity of thought and style should exist in order to get the cumulative value of a campaign.

A collection of real estate financing advertisements by successful companies, in which various methods are employed is shown on pages 77 and 79. All have good attention attracting qualities, and all have proved their value by getting results. They are, however, plain "notices" or "announcements." No effort is made to appeal to any of the human desires. This style means that constant repetition is necessary.

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The Rainy Day Account

Inheeded often, forgotten for the most part, frequently lying idle for years and years, this account is assuredly one of the mostblessedofTheGoodThingsofLife." There are men who ride along on the crest of good fortune. Their children are showered with gifts, their wives are comfortable and happy, their homes are the delight of the family. But beyond this - ?. Other men there are who live frugally, spend with caution, are wisely conservative, hopeful of continuous prosperity yet mindful of a possible shifting of fortune. These men are ready to span the stormy ocean of calamity with wise accumulations, and for these men, this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which betokens the passing of the storm, is indeed a blessing.

Much as we dislike such thoughts, every man should for the sake of his wife, his children, and his home, in times which the smile of prosperity is brightest, hold a thought for the time when the hours may become crowded with adversity.

A carefully planned budget, placing at regular intervals a small surplus in Real Estate First Mortgage Bonds builds the structure of one of "The Good Things of Life." This then becomes a means of escape, a safeguard, a blessing truly.

Baird and Warner Helps the Rainy Day Account

IS it invested where it will always be worth 100 cents on the dollar? If not, we offer you a 6% Investment-An Investment that is absolutely Gilt-Edge, and always worth what you pay for it An Investment secured by First Mortgage on modern Apartments - Located at 5727-5733 and 5737 Kingsbury Blvd., and on the North East corner of McPherson and Laurel, both in Washington Heights and within a short distance of Forest Park.

You can invest $100.00 or more in Multiples of $100.00 at 6% interest, payable semi-annually. We Recommend These Notes As A Safe, Conservative Investment.

The Rainy Day Account 56

5727 - 57M - 5737 Kingsbury Blvd

New, Modern 6 family Apartment!, each building renting for $4680.00 a vear - Worth more than double the total amount of the loan. Total Issue, $12,500.00, on each building. Denomination $100. $500 and $1000. All due and parable May let. 1926 - 6% interest. payable semi-annually

The Rainy Day Account 57

North East Corner McPherson and Laurel A modem 12 family Apartment Building renting for $12,000 a year - Worth mote than double the total amount of Loan. Total issue $30,000 - Denomination $500 and $1000. All due and payable April 15th. 1926 - 6% Interest - payable semi-annually.

Each note is Certified by the Recorder of Deeds as being the Note secured by the Deed of Trust.

Dougherty Real Estate Co.

Olive 249

803 Chestnut Street

Central 1616

The page from "The Good Things of Life," a booklet, issued by a real estate mortgage concern (see page 81), is an example of a popular type of finance advertising. It departs entirely from the ultra conservative sort of copy and makes a direct emotional appeal that should bring returns. It is high class copy.

A very effective manner of visualizing to the lender the safety of his investment is shown in the Dougherty Real Estate Company advertisement. (See page 83.) This advertisement puts the security before his eyes so that he may feel amply protected. The advertisement is Why Shrewd Investors prefer these 7% Bonds

The Rainy Day Account 58

Because they are absolutely safe, because they afford the largest return of any high grade security and because they do not fluctuate in value, these first mortgage 7% bonds, issued by the South's Oldest Mortgage Investment House, are preferred by shrewd investors in every section of the country.

Behind Adair Protected Bonds is 58 years' active association with the growth and development of real estate in Southern cities, 58 years' cumulative experience in making first mortgages without loss to a single investor.

The high character of Adair Protected Bonds, backed by the reputation of this strong company, which is generally recognized as the foremost authority upon Southern Real Estate values and conditions, has met with the approval of banks, insurance companies and trustees as well as individual investors, dignified, frank, conservative and should be confidence winning.

The Rainy Day Account 59

An unusually clever magazine advertisement on real estate financing is that of Adair Realty & Trust Co. (See page 85.) Attention is attracted by the art work and design. Interest is aroused in the 7% return. The fact that shrewd investors favor these securities tends to create a desire for them. "Fifty-eight years' experience without a loss to the investor" establishes confidence and the coupon suggests that the reader act immediately by signing his name and sending to the advertiser for the free booklet.

Inserts for direct by mail use. (See page 87.) These are printed on different colored stock for contrast and each emphasizes in a slightly different manner investment opportunity. One circular "Your Business and Our Business" injects the element of curiosity into the series.

More elaborate booklets emphasizing the same idea but employing association of ideas to assist are pictured on the opposite page. The National Capitol is a symbol of the confidence and trust of the American people and this thought is effective when associated with investments. The text reasons out the whole proposition with the reader.

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