Subdivision advertising covers a wide range of appeals. It employs every sort of medium from circulars to the radio.

An advertiser must analyze his property before putting on a campaign. In low priced subdivisions the idealistic appeals often are lost. In the better class properties cost often is a secondary consideration.

The "Dollar Down" subdivision can hardly be surrounded by the same "atmosphere" as the exclusive home district.

The popular appeals in advertising lesser priced subdivisions have been to the saving and speculative emotions. These seem to produce the quickest results, although appeals to the home loving instincts are used effectively as an added stimulus.

Improved subdivisions should sell "homes," not houses. Too frequently the agent presents brick, mortar, and hard wood floors to his prospective buyers. As a matter of fact they probably are wanting to buy a garden plot, or some friendly neighbors, or fresh air. Perhaps it is the right sort of playmates for their growing children, or winding roads and rambler roses, or community spirit or agreeable church affiliations they wish to purchase.

"Floors set on joists - 12-inch centers," and "Ideal heating plants," although important, may be far down on the list of items to be investigated in buying a "home."

District ornamentation has unquestioned advertising value. It is a subtle and skillful appeal to pride in ownership.

A subdivision takes on an air of distinction when its street intersections and parking spaces are embellished with playing fountains, Carrara marble statuary, Italian well curbs, monumental boulevard entrances, lily ponds, reflecting basins, sun dials, gazing globes, bird baths, small parks artistically landscaped and appropriate markers for historic spots. Objects of art both foreign and domestic particularly suggest the much desired atmosphere of gentility.

These features become points of interest for the entire city and often for out-of-town visitors. They have a definite news value and their advent into a district will command space in the newspapers that money cannot buy. Their presence is conducive to an esprit de corps among home owners in the district that will convert them into circulating advertisements for the subdivision.

The "Wavecrest" advertisement on page 115, is

Don't Miss This - the Biggest Selling Event in Years!


Near Carter Lake Club

346 Lots Will Be Sold at Prices Less Than Cost to Owners $75 to $245

A Few Slightly Higher

On Remarkably Easy Terms $1 Down! - $1 a Week!

Sale Opens Friday at 10 A. M.

And continues until all lots are sold . Sale office on the grounds open from 10 a. m. until 7 p. m. If you can't come Friday or Saturday, come Sunday. Salesmen on grounds all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Good Lots Near Carter Lake Are Scarce In Carter Lake Club property, just a stone's throw from Wavecrest Addition, lots that sold for .$500 ten years ago are now valued in excess of $2,000. There are over 100 beautiful homes in the club grounds -some costing as high as $13,000.

There Are a Great Many People who can't afford to pay club dues but who want a summer or all-year home near the Jake. Wavecrest Addition will fill this need. It is ideally located, perfectly level; just a few steps from the lake, on car line, close to a new $25,000 school, and, most important of all, there is a perfect, hard-surfaced road (cinder and gravel) running from this addition to 16th and Locust Streets, giving perfect contact with the city at all seasons of the year. Just ten minutes by Ford to the post office.

Don't Wait - Don't Delay - Buy Now!

Next week or next month will be too late. At our sale of lots in Oliver Place (at 21st and Locust Streets, East Omaha) last spring we sold 156 lots in 150 minutes after the sale opened and the entire 221 lots by 10 o'clock the next morning! Hundreds of people were disappointed. Come early and select your lot - you can build at once.

How to Reach Wavecrest

By Street Car - Take Sherman Avenue car, transfer at Locust Street to Carter Lake car and say "Wavecrest" to the conductor.

By Automobile - Drive east on Locust Street from 16th, and follow the Carter Lake Club Boulevard. Big red arrows will point the way.

Come Out Rain Or Shine

Hard surfaced road (gravel and cinder) all the way to Wavecrest Bring Your Dollar And Select Your Lot

The Byron Reed Co.



2d Floor U. S. Nat'I Bank Bdgd.

Sole Agents for Lakeside land Co.

Garden Plots

At Robbinsdale $25 Down $5 a Month

Low Taxes Good Water Electricity Garden Soil Churches Schools Stores Car Line Bus Service

20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 76

Start Your Chicken Ranch or Plant Your Garden Now on the finest soil in Hennepin County. Make your garden or hens pay for your homesite.

Quarter Acres on Sale $200 each and upward

Buy now before the 1924 Advance

Limited number of sites left in Glenwood Manor Second Addition

In Beautiful Robbinsdale, where development is rapid and values advancing.

On Paved Rockford Road $15 to $20 provides finest water in state.

Drive Out Any Day or take Robbinsdale car, stop at our branch office at end of car line. See the gardens - six blocks from end of line.

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 77

Three Offices Main 6360

Downtown - 5C0 Andrus Bldg.

Hennepin and Lake - Night call Main 1545

Lake and Bloomington-Night call Main 1519

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 78

an example of a recognized style of presenting low cost subdivisions. Speculative possibilities are made prominent and the intensely practical advantage of the subdivision set forth rather than the idealistic.

Even in advertising smaller priced tracts, a photograph or art work is a valuable aid. (See page 117.) In telling a human interest story, a picture will convey at a glance what would require a lengthy text to say.