Color is almost universally used in real estate signs. It relieves monotony and offers the necessary contrast. More than any other form of real estate advertising this medium must have individuality. To achieve this some brokers have ventured to employ most discordant color schemes. This is not advisable, however, nor necessary. Signs can achieve the desired results without being monstrous.

The sign of W. H. Wright & Co. employs trade mark, slogan and distinctive sign, to establish its individuality. In orange, black and white, it has colors of adequate contrast but they do not offend. Once familiar with its general appearance a passerby would not need to read it in order to know who was representing the real estate advertised. (See colored insert A facing page 186.)

The red letter "S" identifies the Sharon sign at almost any distance from which it can be seen. It is a natural focusing point for the eye and is easily remembered as the insignia of the F. C. Sharon

Real Estate Company. (See colored insert A on opposite page.)

In yellow, black and white the sign of the Ward C. Gifford Realty Co. was designed with the idea of dominating other advertising signs and creating a vivid impression without displeasing. (See colored insert B.)

Each of the letter heads in use by prominent real estate concerns (see colored insert C) employs a different method of making a favorable impression on the reader.

Gordon Mortgage Company is dignified but out of the ordinary because of the signature; Mid-daugh & Shannon inspires confidence and emphasizes homes; Coral Gables embosses its name in coral hue; Brosius Investment Company has Harmonious colors on gray tinted stock and an artistic well balanced design with the letter "B" in a red triangle to give it "life." H. R. Ennis Real Estate and Investment Company takes advantage of the word "Realtors," emphasizing it in red.

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