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Junior lienors. One who has a junior mortgage, or other lien junior to the mortgage sought to be foreclosed, will ordinarily, if not a party to the proceeding, retain his right to redeem from the mortgage.71 Moreover, a junior mortgagee,72 and presumably any

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The failure to make the junior lienor a party to the proceeding does not affect the validity of the decree and sale thereunder, except as regards such lienor,75 and the purchaser at the sale will acquire the property, subject, however, to the rights of such lienor, as above stated, either to redeem or foreclose. Such purchaser is, as regards the junior incumbrancer, an assignee of the mortgage debt,76 and he may according74 Ark. 138, 85 S. W. 82, 4 Am. & Eng. Ann. Cas. 846. In Denton v Ontario County Nat. Bank, 150 N. Y. 126, it is said that the junior mortgagee, not made a party, might be precluded from subsequently foreclosing, if he knew at the time of the prior foreclosure and did not assert any rights in connection therewith.

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3 R. P.-28 ly institute a new foreclosure proceeding against such junior incumbrancer not made a party to the former proceeding,77 and he may, according to some decisions, obtain therein a decree of strict foreclosure.78

The failure to make a junior lienor a party to the foreclosure proceeding, since it leaves his rights outstanding, is calculated to prevent proper competition at the sale, and indeed to render the sale nugatory, since it justifies the purchaser in asking to be relieved of his purchase. Consequently, the court will, when cognizant of a jujiior lien, ordinarily require the lienor to be made a party before granting a decree.79