I. The Nature And Classes Of Easements

Sec. 348. Nature of an easement

349. Licenses.

(a) General considerations.

(b) No formality necessary.

(c) Scope of license.

(d) Revocability of license.

(e) Mode of revocation.

(f) Termination otherwise than by revocation.

(g) Effect of termination, (h) Assignment of license.

Sec. 350. Easements in gross and appurtenant.

351. Light and air.

352. Waters and water courses.

353. Artificial water courses and drains.

354. Support of land.

355. Support of buildings.

356. Party walls.

357. Partition fences.

358. Rights of way.

359. Pews and burial rights.

360. Miscellaneous easements.

II. The Creation Of Easements

Sec. 361. Express grant

302. Express reservation or exception. 363. "Implied" grant or reservation.

(a) General considerations.

(b) Of easement corresponding to pre-existing quasi easement.

(c) Of easement of necessity.

2 R. P. - 1


Sec. 364. Prescription.

365. Acquisition under statute.

366. Estoppel.

(a) By reference to non-existent way.

(b) By reference to plat.

(c) By representation or acquiescence.

III. Rights Of User

Sec. 367. Easements created by grant.

368. Easements created by prescription.

369. Effect of change in dominant tenement.

370. Alterations and repairs.

371. Interference with user.

IV. Extinction Of Easements

Sec. 372. Cessation of purpose of easement.

373. Excessive user of land.

374. Unity of possession or title.

375. Application of land to public use.

376. Express release.

377. Abandonment.

378. Executed license.

379. Adverse user of land.

380. In favor of innocent purchasers.