Things wrongfully severed by the particular tenant in the course of commission of waste belong to the reversioner or remainderman,18 and the latter may presumably mainhaving an interesse termini, that is, an estate for years to commence in the future. Evans v. Prince's Bay Oyster Co., 154 N. Y. Supp. 279; and also that of one having a contingent right of reentry for breach of a condition. Pavkovich v. Southern Pacific R. R. Co.. 150 Cal. 39, 87 Pac. 1097. But, that one having a mere possibility of reverter after a determinable fee is not ordinarily entitled to an injunction, see Dees v. Cheuvronts, 240 111. 486, 88 N. E. 1011.

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The tenant in possession is entitled to the proceeds of such wood as may be rightfully severed by him, whether he makes the severance,22 or it is the result of a wind storm or other action of the elements,23 and a like doctrine applies in connection with other acts which do not involve waste.24 So in the case of a tenancy without impeachment of waste, the proceeds of trees or minerals severed from the land, either by the elements or by a stranger, belong to the tenant, as if they were severed by him.25

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