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Real Estate Books

Books that will Teach you how to Buy, Maintain and Sell Houses and other Real EState Properties, including Laws on Real Estate.

-Selling Your Own Home - A Step-by-Step Guide | by Helen Manning and Thealzel Lee
Selling a house privately can be exciting, nerve shattering, frightening and a lot of fun. We did it and saved thousands of dollars. With our help, we know that you can do it too.
-Practical Real Estate Methods For Broker, Operator & Owner
Thirty experts on how to buy, sell, lease, manage, appraise, improve and finance real estate
-How To Buy And Sell Real Estate At A Profit | by W. A. Carney
A Handbook for Everyone Interested in the Subject of Real Estate
-Real Estate Business Self-Taught | by W. A. Carney
The object of these lessons is to give the student or reader a practical knowledge of real estate and of the real estate business. The student who will devote a definite portion of each working day to the study of the subject will make the most satisfactory progress. The student should exercise to the fullest extent the qualities of industry and perseverance; he should concentrate his mind on the subject and keep it there; he should study a few pages at a time and not skip from one portion of the lessons to another.
-Real Estate Accounts | by Walter Mucklow
It is a curious circumstance that, although accountants generally recognize the value of real estate as an asset, and frequently give evidence of that belief by assigning it a certain pre-eminence when marshalling assets or arranging a balance sheet, there is little literature on the subject of real estate accounting, either here or abroad.
-Real Estate Principles And Practices | by Philip A. Benson, Nelson L. North
The real estate business is one which engages the attention of a large number of people. Real estate, that is, land and buildings and all the varied interests in them, is of importance to nearly every one. It is logical then that a course on real estate should be included in the curriculum of a University School of Commerce. The present work is designed primarily as a college textbook. It is written for the benefit of the student, and aims to make the principles and practices of the business of real estate comprehensible to the lay mind. The book is not a law book but necessarily includes discussions of some of the legal principles governing real estate transactions.
-Building For Profit | by Reginald Pelham Bolton
Principles governing the economic improvement of real estate
-Real Estate Advertising | by Ward C. Gifford
A discussion of the practical application of the principles of advertising to the real estate business
-Principles Of City Land Values | by Richard M. Hurd
The material for this study of the structure of cities - including their locations, starting points and lines of growth - has been gathered from a large number of local histories of American cities, old maps, commercial geographies, etc.. The material for the study of average scales of values has been drawn from the mass of valuations of land and buildings, rentals and mortgages, obtained in about fifty cities in the course of the mortgage business of the U. S. Mortgage & Trust Co. and also from many visits to these cities.
-The Complete Home | by Clara E. Laughlin
Blessed indeed are they who are free to choose where and how they shall live. Still more blessed are they who give abundant thought to their choice, for they may not wear the sackcloth of discomfort nor scatter the ashes of burned money.
-American Law Of Real Estate Agency | by William Slee Walker
Including The duties and liabilities of Principals and Agents. The earning of commissions by Real Estate Brokers, Pleading, Practice, and Judicial Constructions and Interpretations, and Forms for Listing, Brokerage and other Contracts.
-A Compendium Of The Law And Practice Of Vendors And Purchasers Of Real Estate | by J. Henry Dart
The object proposed by the author of the following pages has been to produce a work which, without being a mere elementary outline on the one hand, or a mere index of cases on the other, may supply the student with a concise and connected statement of the present law and practice affecting vendors and purchasers of real estate, and the practitioner with a portable book of reference to the recent, and the most important early authorities on the subject.
-The Law Of Land Contracts | by Asher L. Cornelius
This work is submitted to the legal profession as the result of several years' research on the various subjects treated. It is intended to be a practical treatise for the busy practitioner on the subject of land contracts, preliminary and otherwise, and of the rights, remedies, and obligations growing out of such contracts.
-The Law Of Real Estate Brokers | by Fred L. Gross
A manual, with forms included, for the use of lawyers and real estate operators
-The Next-To-Nothing House | by Alice Van Leer Carrick
Sometimes, as I look back over the long years, I am glad that when we went to housekeeping we, as the Man with the Duster would say, "were inconveniently poor." Otherwise I know what we should have done: we should have hastened to build, and lived to regret it; we should have filled our house with furniture which, in later days, would have been a remission of sins just to look at - debased, ungainly sleigh-front bureaus, the lower part of highboys bought under the ingenuous impression that they were lowboys, and many plates of the too-ubiquitous willow-pattern. We might have been comfortable, but we certainly should n't have been beautiful, and truly there is no bliss in ignorance when it touches our own lives. And instead of all these misfortunes, we moved into a little modest white cottage befitting our modester income, and allowed its eighteenth-century loveliness to be our gradual education...
-A Treatise On The Law Of Vendor And Purchaser Of Real Estate And Chattels Real | by T. Cyprian Williams
This book is intended for the use of those engaged in the practice of conveyancing, whether as counsel or solicitors.
-Dart's Treatise On The Law And Practice Relating To Vendors And Purchasers Of Real Estate | by J. Henry Dart
-The Law Of Real Property and Other Interests In Land | by Herbert Thorn Dike Tiffany
This edition of my work on Real Property follows, for the most part, the arrangement of the previous edition, but it represents a much more extended treat ment of the subject, a more copious citation of cases, and a more frequent and fuller discussion of the problems which present themselves.
-Real Property, An Introductory Explanation Of The Law Relating To Land | by Alfred F. Topham
This book is intended primarily for students. So far as it deals with the law of the present day, the Author believes that it covers the whole ground, at any rate in outline, and will probably be found sufficient in itself for the purposes of the Law Special at Cambridge and other similar pass examinations.
-Selected Cases On The Law Of Property In Land | by William A. Finch
This book contains a classified selection of cases on the topics usually taught in our law schools in the course on "Real Property."
-Handbook On The Law Of Real Property | by Earl P. Hopkins
This volume is the result of an attempt to put the fundamental rules governing the law of real property into a form as easy of comprehension as possible, and so arranged that investigation of any part may be made with ease, promptness, and certainty. It will be found that many of the seeming technicalities of the subject disappear with the statement of the reasons on which they are based. These reasons are in many cases historical, and therefore as much of the history of the law of real property has been given as is necessary for an understanding of these reasons...
-Principles Of The Law Of Real Property | by Joshua Williams
Intended as a first book for the use of students in conveyancing.
-The Law Of Mortgages Of Real Estate | by John Delatre Falconbridge
This book is in part a product of the lectures which I have given at Osgoode Hall since the year 1909, when the Law Society of Upper Canada appointed me lecturer in equity in succession to the late Mr. Alfred H. Marsh, K.C. Some of the features of the book are due to the fact that it is intended for the use of students as well as practitioners.
-The Rating Of Land Values | by Arthur Wilson Fox
Notes upon the proposals to levy rates in respect of site values

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