Remarkable Winds in Egypt - Whirlwinds of Egypt - Tornado- Harmattan - Hurricane - Monsoons - Velocity of the Wind.

Bound as they are, and circumscrib'd in place,

They rend the world, resistless where they pass,

And mighty marks of mischief leave behind;

Such is the rage of their tempestuous kind.

First, Eurus, to the rising morn is sent,

The regions of the balmy continent,

And eastern realms, where early Persians run

To greet the blest appearance of the sun.

Westward the wanton Zephyr wings his flight,

Pleas'd with the remnant of departing light:

Fierce Boreas, with his offspring, issues forth

T' invade the frozen waggon of the north;

While frowning Auster seeks the southern sphere. Ovid.