Alfred Stille, an American physician, born in Philadelphia,.Oct. 30, 1813. He graduated at the university of Pennsylvania in 1832, and was resident physician of the Philadelphia hos-.. pital in 1836, and of the Pennsylvania hospital in 1839-'41, having employed the interval in attending medical lectures in Paris and other capitals of Europe. He became lecturer on pathology and practice of medicine to the Philadelphia association for medical instruction in 1844, physician to St. Joseph's hospital in 1849, and afterward professor of the theory and practice of medicine in the Pennsylvania medical college, and since June, 18G4, in the university of Pennsylvania. He has published " Medical Instruction in the United States" (Philadelphia, 1845); "Elements of General Pathologv " (1848); "Report on Medical Literature""(1850); "The Unity of Medicine" (185G); "Humboldt's Life and Character" (1859); and " Therapeutics and Materia Med-ica" (2 vols. 8vo, 1860; revised and enlarged, 1864; 4th ed., 1874). - His brother Moreton (born Oct. 27, 1822, died Aug. 20, 1855), resident physician of the Pennsylvania hospital in 1848-9, and afterward lecturer to the Philadelphia association for medical instruction, published with Francis Wharton a " Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence" (Philadelphia, 1855; 2d ed., with medical part revised and enlarged by Dr. Alfred Stille, 1860).