Andrew Ure, a Scottish chemist, born in Glasgow in 1778, died in London, Jan. 2,1857. He was educated at the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, took the degree of M. D., and in 1806 was appointed professor of chemistry and natural philosophy in the Andersonian Institution at Glasgow. On the establishment of the astronomical observatory in Glasgow he was placed in charge of it. In 1813 appeared his "Systematic Table of Materia Medica," with a dissertation on the action of medicines, followed in 1818 by a remarkable paper entitled "New Experimental Researches on some of the leading Doctrines of Caloric." He also published a " Dictionary of Chemistry " (1821), a translation of "Berthollet on Dyeing" (1823), a "System of Geology " (1829), and numerous papers on chemical subjects. In 1830 he removed to London, and in 1834 was appointed analytical chemist to the board of customs. His subsequent works are: "The Philosophy of Manufactures" (1835), "The Cotton Manufacture of Great Britain compared with that of other Countries " (1836), and his " Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines " (2 vols. 8vo, 1837-'9),"wbich has passed through several editions in England and the United States (5th English ed., revised and enlarged by Robert Hunt and several contributors, 3 vols., 185860; 7th ed., enlarged, with more than 2,100 woodcuts, 3 vols., 1875).