Assumption, a festival of the Roman Catholic church, instituted to commemorate the ascent of the Virgin Mary into heaven. From a very early period it has been a belief in the western and oriental churches that after her death the Virgin was taken up, body and soul, into heaven. This event is called in the ancient ecclesiastical writings the "assumption," "passage," or "repose," and is mentioned by various early authors, among whom are St. Gregory of Tours in the 6th century, and Andrew of Crete at the beginning of the 8th. The date of the institution of the festival is unknown, but it is mentioned as having been celebrated with great solemnity before the 6th century, in both Greek and Latin churches. It falls on Aug. 15.

Assumption #1

Assumption, a S. E. parish of Louisiana, W. of the Mississippi river, having within its limits Lake Verret and a part of Bayou La Fourche; area, 320 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 13,234, of whom 6,984 were colored. The soil is very fertile, and the parish is one of the most productive sugar districts in the United States. In 1870 it produced 246,929 bushels of Indian corn, 17,229 lbs. of rice, 9,558 hhds. of sugar, and 499,135 gallons of molasses. Capital, Assumption.

Assumption #2

Assumption, a city of South America. See Asuncion.

Assumption #3

Assumption, one of the Ladrone group of islands in the Pacific ocean, lat. 19° 41' N., lon. 145° 27' E. It is of volcanic origin, rises to the height of about 2,000 feet, and is nearly 10 miles in circumference. It produces cocoa-nuts, rice, oranges, and breadfruit.