Atalanta, a mythical personage, a native of Arcadia, or according to a less generally adopted legend, which gives her story with some variations, of Boeotia. She was. the daughter of Jasus, who, having prayed to the gods for a son, was displeased at her birth, and as a mark of his displeasure exposed her on the Parthenian mount. Here she was nurtured by a she bear, and grew up to womanhood, retaining her virginity, and becoming the most swift-footed of mortals. She vanquished the Centaurs, who sought to capture her, participated in the Calydonian boar hunt, and engaged in the Pelian games. In course of time her father was reconciled to her; but when he urged her to choose a husband, she insisted that every suitor who aspired to win her should first contend with her in running. If he vanquished her, he was to receive her hand; if vanquished, he was to be put to death. Milanion overcame her by artifice: as he ran he dropped three golden apples, the gift of Venus, which Ata-lanta delayed to pick up.