Augustus Addison Gould, an American naturalist, born in New Ipswich, N. 11., April 23 1805, died in Boston, Sept. 15, 1866. His father's family name was Duron, which was changed to that of Gould. He graduated at Harvard college in 1825, took his medical degree in 1830, and commenced practice in Boston. During his college life he devoted his spare moments to the study of natural history; in the early part of his professional career he lectured frequently on scientific subjects, and for two years gave instruction in botany and zoology at Harvard college. In 1855 he delivered the annual discourse before the Massachusetts medical society, and in 1856 received the appointment of visiting physician to the Massachusetts general hospital. He was an accomplished naturalist, and in the department of conchology stood preeminent both at home and abroad. His principal published works are: a translation of Lamarck's " Genera of Shells " (1833); " System of Natural History " (1833); " The Invertebrate Animals of Massachusetts " (1841); "Principles of Zoology," with Prof. Agassiz (1848); "Mollusca and Shells of the United States Exploring Expedition under Capt, Wilkes" (4to, 1852, with an atlas of plates); the completion of Dr. A. Binney's "Land Mollusks of the United States" (3 vols. 4to, 1851-'5); " The Mollusca of the North Pacific Expedition under Capts. Ringgold and Rogers" (1800); and "Otia Conchologica" (1803). He was also a frequent contributor to scientific and literary periodicals.