Bayard. I. James Asheton, an American lawyer and statesman, born in Philadelphia, July 28, 1767, died in Wilmington, Del., Aug. 6, 1815. His ancestor, Nicholas Bayard, a French Huguenot, arrived in this country in 1647 in company with his brother-in-law Peter Stuy-vesant, the last Dutch governor of New York. James Bayard was educated at Princeton college, studied law in Philadelphia, began practice in Delaware, and in 1796 was elected to congress as a supporter of the federal administration. In 1801 he was appointed by President Adams minister to France, but declined. He was a leader in the policy which resulted in the election of Mr. Jefferson as president by the house in 1801, and in 1804 was chosen United States senator as successor of his father-in-law Gov. Bassett, and remained there until selected by Mr. Madison as one of the commissioners for negotiating the treaty of Ghent in 1813. He took a prominent share in the negotiations, and after the ratification of the treaty was appointed envoy to Russia, but refused the appointment.

II. Richard Bassett, son of the preceding, born in Wilmington, Del., in 1796, died in Philadelphia, March 4, 1868. He was United States senator from 1836 to 1839, and again from 1841 to 1845. III. James Asheton, brother of the preceding, was elected senator from Delaware in 1851, 1857, 1863, and 1869. He was an able lawyer, and for several years was chairman of the judiciary committee. He resigned owing to ill health in 1869. IV. Thomas Francis, son of the preceding, born at Wilmington, Oct. 29, 1828, succeeded his father as senator from Delaware in 1869.