Bidpay, Or Pilpay, the reputed author of a collection of ancient Hindoo fables, which have been spread for 2,000 years throughout the East and the West, and have been translated into almost all languages. Eighteen of the fables of La Fontaine are copies or close imitations of them. Recent savants are of opinion that the author of the fables of Bidpay was a Brahman named Vishnu-Sarma, and that they originated from the ancient Hindoo collection Pan-tchatantra ("Five Sections"), of which an edition in Sanskrit has been published by Kose-garten (2 vols., Bonn, 1848-59), and a German version by Benfey (2 vols., Leipsic, 1859). The same materials were subsequently worked up in the Sanskrit Hitopadesa (" Salutary Instruction "), of which an English translation by Wilkins, a Latin by Schlegel and Lassen, and a German by Max Muller have been published. The principal source of the numerous mediaeval imitations was the Pehlevi version prepared for Chosroes I., and preserved in an Arabic translation of the 8th century.