Bottiger. I. Karl August, a German archaa-ologist, born at Reichenbach, June 8,1760, died in Dresden, Nov. 17, 1835. He was a teacher, and through Herder's influence became director of the Weimar gymnasium, and was well acquainted with Wieland, Goethe, and Schiller. In 1832 he was admitted to the French academy, after having been made director of the royal academy of knights in Dresden. Among his chief works are: Sabina, oder Morgenscenen einer reichen Rbmerinn (2 vols., 2d ed., 1806), and Griechische Vasengemalde (1797-1800). lit Karl Wilhelm, son and biographer of the preceding, born Aug. 15, 1790, died Nov. 26, 1862. He became eminent as a historian, and edited a posthumous work of his father, Litc-rarische Zustande und Zeitgenossen (2 vols., Leipsic, 1838). He contributed the history of Saxony to Heeren and Ukert's Furopdische Staatengeschichte, and his Allgemeine Geschich-te fur Schule und Haus and Deutsche Geschich-te fur Schule und Haus passed through many editions. From 1821 till his death he was professor of history in Erlangen.