Bremer, a N. E. county of Iowa, intersected by the Cedar and Wapsipinicon rivers; area, 430 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 12,528. The Cedar Falls and Minnesota railroad traverses the county. The soil is of good quality, well watered, and abundantly supplied with timber. The chief productions in 1870 were 527,638 bushels of wheat, 423,362 of Indian corn, 387,658 of oats, 15,493 of barley, 77,349 of potatoes, 26,550 tons of hay, 20,101 lbs. of wool, and 400,791 of butter. There were 4,946 horses, 5,101 milch cows, 5,223 sheep, and 9,424 swine. Capital, Waverley.

Bremer #1

Bremer, a mountain of Austria, in Tyrol, between the Inn, the Aicha, and the Adige, 6,788 ft. high. The railway from Innspruck to Botzen, thence to Trent and Verona, crosses the Brenner pass at the height of 4,775 ft. It was constructed by the Austrian government at a cost of $140,000 a mile, and completed in 1867. There are 23 tunnels on the road, one of which is 2,800 and another 2,200 ft. long.