Brunings. I. Christian, a Dutch engineer, born at Neckarau, Germany, Nov. 8, 1736, died in Holland, May 16, 1805. He was collector of river tolls, and became in 1769 chief inspector of hydraulic works under the Netherlands government. He improved the dikes and the drainage of the lake of Haarlem, took a prominent part in preventing inundations and in improving the bed of the Rhine and other rivers, and published valuable reports relating to those enterprises. The Dutch republic proposed to erect a monument to him in the cathedral at Haarlem, and awarded a gold medal to the author of the best essay on his services. II. Another Dutch engineer, of the same name and family, died in Leyden, March 23, 1826. He was author of a Dissertation sur Vangle le plus avantageux des portes d'une ecluse (1797). III. Conrad Louis, likewise a Dutch engineer, born at Heidelberg in 1775, died in Nimeguen in 1816. He was employed by the Dutch government as inspector of hydraulic works, was a member of the institute, and author of various writings on hydraulic engineering and kindred subjects.