Buache. I. Philippe, a French geographer, born in Paris, Feb. 7,1700, died Jan. 27,1773. In 1729 he became chief geographer to the king, and in the following year a member of the academy of sciences, in which he had been the means of instituting a professorship of geography. He contributed many important papers to the Memoires of the academy. He had some peculiar ideas on the subject of geography, affirming that there was a vast continent about the south pole, traversed by lofty mountains and gigantic rivers. The suggestion that at Behring strait a connection between Asia and America might be traced came from him. II. Jean Nicolas Buache de la Neuville, a French geographer, nephew of the preceding, born 'at Neuville-en-Pont, Feb. 15, 1741, died Nov. 21, 1825. He instructed the royal princes, afterward Louis XVI. and XVII., and Charles X., in geography. After the death of D'Anville he became first geographer to the king, and keeper of the marine charts and log-books, in which capacity he prepared the charts and plans with which La Perouse was provided for his voyage of discovery.

During the reign of terror he was deprived of his office, but was reinstated after the fall of Robespierre. He was the author of many geographical memoirs and treatises.