Buena Vista, a N. W. county of Iowa; area, 576 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1,585. Storm lake is situated in the S. part, which is also watered by Coon river and affluents of Maple river; the Little Sioux skirts the N. border. The Dubuque and Sioux City railroad traverses the county. The chief productions in 1870 were 7,780 bushels of wheat, 9,085 of Indian corn, 6,450 of oats, 4,617 of potatoes, 151 tons of hay, and 26,475 lbs. of butter. There were 299 horses, 374 milch cows, 717 other cattle, 249 sheep, and 172 swine. Capital, Prairieville.

Buena Vista #1

Buena Vista, a hamlet of N. E. Mexico, at the S. extremity of the state of Coahuila, 7 m. S. of Saltillo, near which a battle was fought, Feb. 22 and 23, 1847, between the Americans under Gen. Taylor and the Mexicans under Gen. Santa Anna. The Americans numbered about 5,000; the Mexicans were about 20,000, but the ground was such as to render their cavalry and artillery nearly useless, and par-, tially to neutralize their superiority in infantry. Taylor having refused to surrender at the summons of Santa Anna, the attack was commenced by the latter in the afternoon of the 22d, and by night he had gained the summit of a ridge, and the Americans were withdrawn to the plain at its base. The battle was renewed at daybreak on the 23d, and after some skirmishing the Mexicans moved in three heavy columns upon the Americans, whose left was turned and put to flight; but the centre and right stood firm, and checked the advance of the enemy by a rifle and artillery fire, and finally drove them back. Two cavalry attacks were repelled, and the Mexican infantry on the right driven from the field.

Santa Anna then formed his whole force into a single column, which drove the Americans back for some distance, but was checked by the artillery, and at night the two forces occupied nearly the same ground as in the morning. During the night the Mexicans retreated. The American loss was 746, that of the Mexicans about 2,000.