Among the Contributors of New Articles to the Eighth Volume of the Revised Edition are the following:

Prof. Cleveland Abbe, Washington, D. C.



Gonds. Hindoo Koosh.

Prof. C. W. Bennett, D. D., Syracuse University.

Hamline, Leonidas Lent. Haven, Erastus Otis. Haven, Gilbert. Hedding, Elijah.

Julius Bing.

gortchakoff, alexander, Hertzen, Alexander.

and other articles in biography, geography, etc.

Francis C. Bowman.


Gounod, Charles Francois.

Guarneri, family of.

Halevy, Jacques Francois Fromental Elie.

Edward L. Burlingame, Ph. D.

Greece, and articles in biography and history.

Robert Carter.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. John I). Champlin, Jr.

Gold Coast, Guizot, family of, Hedjaz,

Heraldry, and other articles in biography and geography.

Prof. E. II. Clarke, M. D., Harvard University.


Henbane, and other articles in materia medica.

T. M. Coan, M. D.

Hawaiian Islands.



Hon. T. M. Cooley, LL. D., Ann Arbor, Mich.


Hereditaments, and other legal articles.

Prof. J. C Dalton, M. D.




and other medical and physiological articles.

Eaton S. Drone. Glass,

Gold (history and statistics), Hamilton College, Harvard University, and articles in American geography.

Capt. C. E. Dutton, U. S. A., Washington, D. C.

Gun Cotton. Gunnery. • Gunpowder.

Robert T. Edes, M. D., Harvard University.

Articles in materia medica.

Louis Elsberg, M. D.

Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich.

Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand.

W. M. Ferriss.

Grassmann, Hermann Gunther. Hegira.

Prof. Austin Flint, M. D.

Hay Cold.

Heart, Diseases of the.

Austin Flint, Jr., M. D.


Alfred II. Guernsey.

Guise, House of,

Hall, Charles Francis, and other articles in biography and history.

Egbert Guernsey, M. D.


J. W. Hawes.

Halifax, N. S.,


Hartford, and other articles in American geography.

Charles L. Hogeboom, M. D.


Prof. T. Sterry Hunt, LL. D., Mass. Inst. of Technology, Boston.

Gold (geology).


Hall, Prof. James.

Rossiter Johnson.

Grant, Ulysses S., Greeley, Horace, Harte, Francis Bret, and other articles in biography and geography.

Prof. S. Kneeland, M. D., Mass. Inst. of Technology, Boston.

Glass Sponge, Globigerina,

HlPPARION, and other articles in natural history.

Prof. Alfred M. Mayer, Stevens Inst. of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.


Rev. Franklin Noble.

Hall, Newman, Hayes, Isaac Israel, Home, Daniel Douglas, and other biographical articles.

Rev. Bernard O'Reilly, D. D. Gregory, popes. Guild. Hecla. Honorius, popes.

RICHARD A. Proctor, A. M., London.

Gravity. Halo.

Prof. Rossiter W. Raymond, Ph. D.

Gold Mining.

Philip Ripley.

Godwin, Parke. Hamburg. Hanover. Harem.

Prof. A. J. SCHEM.



Hesse-Nassau, and other articles in geography and history.

J. G. Shea, LL. D.

Gourgues, Dominique de, Gros Ventres, Hennepin, Louis, and articles on American Indians.

Prof. J. A. Spencer, D. D., College of the City of New York.

Goulburn, Edward Meyrick. Griswold, Alexander Viets. Hobart, John Henry.

Prof. George Thurber.

Grafting, Grape,

Grasses, Hemlock Spruce, and other botanical articles

Prof. G. A. F. Van Rhyn, Ph. D.

Gothic Language and Literature, Greece, Language and Literature of, Hieroglyphics, Himyarites, and other articles in philology, etc.

I. de Veitelle.

Guatemala, Havana, Hayti, Honduras, and other Spanish American articles.

C. S. Weyman.

Greece, Wines of. Halstead, Murat.