Among the Contributors to the Thirteenth Volume of the Revised Edition are the following:

Jose; de Armas y Cespedes, Havana, Cuba.

Poey, Felipe. Poet, Andres.

Paul Arpin, late Editor of the Courrier des.

Etats- Unis.

Palissy, Bernabd. Pascal, Blaise.

Hoffman Atkinson.

Pigeon English.

Henry Carey Baird, Philadelphia.

Political Economy.

S. L. M. Barlow.


WlLLARD BARTLETT. Papua. Persia.

Prof. C. W. Bennett, D. D., Syracuse University.

Peck, George.

Peck, Jesse Truesdell.

Peirce, Bradford Kinney.

Thomas I. Bigham, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Julius Bing.



Petrarch, Francesco, Pisa, and other articles in biography, geography, and history.

Commodore George S. Blake, U. S. N, late Superintendent of the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

Paulding, Hiram. Preble, Edward.

Francis C. Bowman.

Patti, Adelina Maria Clorinda. Patti, Caelotta. Phillips, Adelaide.

Rev. Charles H. Brigham, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Paulicians. Photius.

Edward L. Burlingame, Ph. D.

Periodical Literatuee, Polar Seas (recent explorations), and other articles in biography and history.

Rev. Charles P. Bush, D. D..

Parker, Peter. Perkins, Justin. Prime, Samuel IrenAEus. Prime, Edward Dorr Griffin. Prime, William Cowper.

Prof. H. C. Cameron, D. D., Princeton College.

Princeton College, N. J.

Robert Carter.

Palestine, Parkman, Francis, Parthia, Penn, William,

Pieece, Franklin, Poe, Edgae Allan, Prescott, William Hickling, and other articles in biography and history.

John D. Champlin, Jr.

Pallmpsest, Papyrus, Pension, Pianoforte, Porto Rico, and other articles in geography and history.

Prof. E. H. Clarke, M. D., Harvard University.

Pancreatine, Pepsin, and other articles in materia medica.

Hon. T. M. Cooley, LL. D., Michigan University, Ann Arbor.

Pabliament (in part), Partnership (in part), Payment, Power, and other legal articles.

Prof. J. C. Dalton, M. D.

Pancreas, Paralysis, Physiology, Plica Polonica, and other medical and physiological articles.

Rev. H. M. Dexter, D. D., Editor of the "Congregationalist," Boston, Mass.

Pond, Enoch.

Prof. John W. Draper, M. D., University Medical College, New York.


Eaton S. Drone.

Patents, Law of,



Post, and other articles.

Capt. C. E. Dutton, U. S. Ordnance Corps, Washington Arsenal, D. C.

Powell, John Wesley.

Robert T. Edes, M. D., Harvard University.

Articles in materia medica.

W. M. Ferriss.

Presonal Equation. Porisms.

Prof. G. W. Fisher, D. D., Yale College.


Gen. W. B. Franklin, Superintendent Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, Hartford, Conn.


Prof. E. H. Gillett, D. D., University of the City of New York.

Philosophy (in part). Presbyterianism.

Prof. B. A. Gould, Director of the National Observatory of the Argentine Republic at Cordova.

Peirce, Benjamin.

Lieutenant-Commander Henry H. Gorringe, U. S. K, Washington, D. C.

Plata, Rio de la.

Alfred H. Guernsey.

Petersbubg, Siege of. Polk, Leonidas. Pope, John. Porter, Fitz John. Printing.

John R. G. Hassard.

Parry, Sir William Edward. Perez, Antonio. Pope, Alexander.

J. W. Hawes.

Philadelphia, Pa., Portland, Maine, Portland, Oregon, Prince Edward Island, and other articles in American geography.


Prof. Fredeeick H. Hedge, D. D., Harvard University.

Paul, Saint.

M. Heilpein.


Poland, Language and Literature of.

Charles L. Hogeboom, M. D.






Pottery and Porcelain (manufacture).

W. H. Huntington, Paris, France.


Rossiter Johnson.

Phillips, "Wendell, pollok, Robert, and other articles in biography and geography.

Prof. C. A. Joy, Ph. D., Columbia College, New York.

Paraffine, Picric Acid, Potash, and other chemical articles.

Prof. A. C. Kendrick, D. D., Rochester University.


Prof. S. Kneeland, M. D., Mass. Inst, of Technology, Boston.



Philosophical Anatomy,



Porcupine, and other articles in zoology.

Rev. Samuel Lockwood, Ph. D., Freehold, N. J.

Peters, Christian Henry Frederick.

Prof. Benjamin W. McCbeady, M. D., Belle-vue Hospital Medical College, New York.




James E. Munson.


Rev. Franklin Noble.

PHELPS, Austin,

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart (two),

Pisgah, and other articles in biography and geography.

Fredeeick Law Olmsted.


Rev. Beenaed O'Reilly, D. D.

Passaglia, Carlo, •

Paul, Popes, Perrone, Giovanni, Pius, Popes, and other articles in ecclesiastical history.

Prof. S. F. PeckHam, University of Minnesota.



Petroleum Products.

Count L. F. de Pourtales, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass.

Polar Seas (geography).

William C. Prime.

Pottery and Porcelain (history).

Richard A. Proctoe, A. M., London.



Precession of the Equinoxes, and other astronomical articles.

Prof. A. Rauschenbusch, D. D., Rochester Theological Seminary. Peasants' War.

Prof. C. V. Riley, State Entomologist, St. Louis, Mo.

Phylloxera. Potato Bug.

Henry M. Robert, Major of Engineers, U. S.

A., Milwaukee, Wis.

Parliamentary Law and Privileges (in part).

Prof. Ogden N. Rood, Ph. D., Columbia College, New York.

Pendulum, Horizontal.

F. B. Sanborn, Concord, Mass.


Prof. A. J. Schem. Pelagius,

Pentateuch, Plymouth Brethren, and other articles in biography and history.

J. W. Scott.

Postage Stamps. J. G. Shea, LL. D.

Pawnees, Pequots, pottawattamies, and other articles on American Indians.

William Gilmore Simms, LL. D., Charleston, S. C.

Pickens, Andrew. Pickens, Francis W. Pinckney, Family, of.

Prof. J. A. Spencer, D. D., College of the City of New York.

Pearson, John.

Potter, Alonzo. Potter, Horatio.

Rev. William L. Symonds, Portland, Me.

Philosophy (in part).

Prof. George Thurber.


Passion Flower,



Pitcher Plants,

Plant, and other botanical articles.

Prof. G. A. F. Van Rhyn, Ph. D.

Papuan Race and Languages,



Pompeii, and other archaeological, oriental, and philological articles.

I. DE VEITELLE. Panama, Paraguay,

Patagonia, Peru, Portugal,

Portugal, Language and Literature of, and other geographical articles.

Major W. T. Walthall, Mobile, Ala. Pensacola.

Pensacola Bay.

Rev. JOHN Weiss, Milton, Mass.

Parker, Theodore.

S. R. Wells.


C. S. Weyman.

Peel, Sir Robert (two). Percival, James Gates. Portugal, Wines of.

Prof. W. D. Whitney, LL. D., Yale College.

New Haven, Conn.

Persia, Language and Literature of.

Gen. James Harrison Wilson.

Parrott, Robert Parker.