Philip Milledoler, an American clergyman, born at Rhinebeck, N. Y., Sept. 22,1775, died on Staten Island, Sept. 23, 1852. His father, a Swiss, came to America about 1751. The son graduated at Columbia college in 1793, studied theology, and in 1795 became pastor of the German Reformed church in Nassau street, New York, where he preached both in German and English. In May, 1800, he became one of the pastors of the collegiate Dutch Reformed church in New York, but soon after accepted the pastorate of the Pine street Presbyterian church in Philadelphia. In 1801 he was elected secretary of the board of trustees of the Presbyterian church. In 1805 he accepted a call from the then collegiate Presbyterian churches in New York, with special reference to the church in Rutgers street, where he was installed on Nov. 19. In 1813 he became pastor of the collegiate Dutch church in New York. In 1825 he was appointed professor of didactic and polemic theology in the seminary at New Brunswick, N. J., and at the same time president of Rutgers college, both which offices he retained till 1835. His last residence was in New York. He published many sermons and addresses, and a "Dissertation on Incestuous Marriages" (1843).