Philippopoli (Turk. Filibeh), a town of European Turkey, in the vilayet of Edirneh (Adrianople), about 230 m. W. N W. of Con-stantinople, with which and Adrianople it is connected by rail; pop. about 45,000, consisting of Turks, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and gypsies. It is situated in the midst of a broad fertile plain on the Maritza (Hebrus), is well built, with paved streets and good bazaars, and has an important commerce. Its suburbs contain numerous villas,. vineyards, and orchards, and the best rice in Turkey is raised in the vicinity. The town is the seat of a Greek archbishop, has a number of churches and mosques, a synagogue, and several schools. The manufactures include silk, cotton, leather, tobacco, and soap. The place was founded by Philip of Macedon, taking the name of Philip-popolis, and under the Romans, by whom it was sometimes called Trimontium, from its situation on a hill with three summits, it was an important town and the capital of the province of Thrace in its narrower sense.

In 1818 the town was almost entirely ruined by an earthquake, but soon recovered and became very flourishing.