I. A Greek Philosopher

A Greek Philosopher, born in Athens about 340 B. C, died about 273. _ In his youth he gave himself up to sensuality; but becoming a disciple of Xenocrates, ho went to the other extreme of rigid and austere temperance. He succeeded to the chair of Xenocrates, and was the teacher of Arcesilas, Crates, and Zeno.

II. A Greek Geographer Of The Early Part Of The 2d Century B. C

He wrote a " Voyage round the World," from Pontus to Carthage, and polemical works against Timseus and Eratosthenes. An edition of his fragments by Preller was published at Leipsic in 1838.

III. A King Of Pontus

A King Of Pontus, died after A. D. 2. He was originally of Oaria or Phrygia, and was the son of Zeno the rhetorician. Pie obtained his kingdom from Mark Antony, whom he served efficiently in the war against Parthia. He was made prisoner, but obtained his liberty when the civil war broke out between Octa-vius and Antony, and immediately marched to the assistance of the latter. After the battle of Actium Polemo was reconciled to Octa-vius, who confirmed him in his sovereignty, and added to his realm all the territory upon the Cimmerian Bosporus. In a war against the Aspurgians, a barbarian tribe, he was made prisoner and put to death.

IV. Son Of The Preceding

Son Of The Preceding, after whose death he assisted his mother Pythodoris in the administration. On her death (A. D. 39) he was recognized by Caligula. Three years later the emperor Claudius ceded Cilicia to him in exchange for the kingdom of the Bosporus, which was given to a descendant of Mithridates. Polemo II. embraced Judaism in order to espouse Berenice, afterward famous for her amour with Titus; but that princess having left him, he returned to his former faith. He abdicated during the reign of Nero.