Prince Edward, a S. county of Virginia, bordered N. by the Appomattox and S. by the Nottaway river, and drained by several small streams; area, about 350 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 12,004, of whom 7,898 were colored. It has a diversified surface and a generally fertile soil, and contains mines of coal and copper. It is intersected by the Atlantic, Mississippi, and Ohio, and the Eichmond, Danville, and Piedmont railroads. The chief productions in 1870 were 43,820 bushels of wheat, 87,440 of Indian corn, 67,445 of oats, 960,700 lbs. of tobacco, and 51,791 of butter. There were 692 horses, 519 mules and asses, 1,241 milch cows, 528 working oxen, 1,051 other cattle, 1,600 sheep, and 4,223 swine. Capital, Farmville.

Prince Edward #1

Prince Edward, an E. county of Ontario, Canada, on the N. shore of Lake Ontario; area, 388 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 20,336, of whom 6,649 were of English, 5,906 of Irish, 4,866 of German, 1,378 of Scotch, 697 of French, and 634 of Dutch origin or descent. It consists of a peninsula, separated from the mainland by the bay of Quinte. Capital, Picton.