Punta Arenas, the only seaport town of Costa Rica on the Pacific, situated on the E. side of the gulf of Nicoya, about 60 m. W. by N. of San José; permanent pop. about 300. The town stands on a sandy point which projects into the gulf. Vessels drawing more than 7 ft. of water are obliged to anchor 3 m. from shore, in the outer harbor, which is protected from the swell of the Pacific by two islands. An inner harbor, between the point and the mainland, is accessible only for vessels of very light draught. The climate is unhealthy, but less so than that of other parts of the coast. Punta Arenas is the port of San José, with which it is connected by a good carriage road, and a railway is projected. There is a telegraph line to Cartago, which is to be continued to Limon on the Atlantic. The steamers of the Panama railway company and those of the Pacific mail steamship company touch regularly at Punta Arenas. In 1873 the entries at the port were 97 ships, of 15,464 aggregate tonnage. The port was established in 1840, when Caldera, S. of it, was abandoned on account of its unhealthfulness.