Rennet Tyler, an American clergyman, born in Middlebury, Conn., July 10, 1783, died in South "Windsor, May 14, 1858. He graduated at Yale college in 1804, was pastor of the Congregational church in South Britain, Conn., from 1808 to 1822, president of Dartmouth college from 1822 to 1828, and pastor of the second Congregational church in Portland, Me., from 1828 to 1833. The controversy on the "new divinity " awakened by the writings of Dr. Taylor (see Taylor, Nathaniel William), of which he was the principal opponent, resulted in the formation of a pastoral union in September, 1833, by the Connecticut clergymen who held to Dr. Tyler's opinions, and the resolution to found a theological seminary at East Windsor, of which he was president and professor of Christian theology till his death. His principal works are: " History of the New Haven Theology, in Letters to a Clergyman " (1837); "A Review of Day on the Will" (1837); "Memoir of Rev. Asahel Nettleton, D. D." (Hartford, 1844); "Nettleton's Remains" (1845); "A Treatise on the Sufferings of Christ" (New York, 1845); "A Treatise on New England Revivals" (1846); and two series of "Letters to Dr. Horace Bushnell on Christian Nurture " (1847-'8). After his death appeared his "Lectures on Theology," with a memoir by his son-in-law, the Rev. Nahum Gale, D. D. (1859).