Robert Vaughan, an English clergyman, born in 1795, died in June, 1868. He was educated for the ministry at Bristol college, was for six years pastor at Worcester, some years later was minister of the Independent chapel at Kensington, and afterward professor of ancient and modern history in University college, London. On the removal of the Independent college from Blackburn to Manchester, he became its president in 1843, at the same time filling the chair of theology. In 1857 he resigned on account of failing health. Soon after his removal to Manchester he projected the "British Quarterly Review," of which he was the editor from 1844 to 1867. Among his works are: "Life and Opinions of John de Wycliffe, D. D." (2 vols. 8vo, 1828), revised and published in one volume with the title " John de Wycliffe, D. D., a Monograph, with some Account of the Wycliffe MSS." (1853); "Memorials of the Stuart Dynasty" (2 vols. 8vo, 1831); " Causes of the Corruption of Christianity " (1834); " Thoughts on the Past and Present State of Religious Parties in England" (1838); "The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell" (2 vols., 1838); "History of England under the House of Stuart" (2 vols., 1840); " History of Revolutions in England" (3 vols., 1859-'63); and " Memorial of English Nonconformity" (1865).