Rose Marie Cizos Cheri, a French actress, born at Etampes, Oct. 27, 1824, died at Passy, Sept. 22, 1801. The daughter of an actor, she appeared on the stage in 1830, and was afterward greatly admired in the many cities she visited in company with her father. In 1842 she went to Paris, and appeared twice at the Gym-nase theatre, but made so little impression that she was induced to accept an engagement at a salary of less than $200 a year. She afterward produced a deep impression on the audience, and became a great favorite in Paris. Her salary was increased fourfold, and the most popular dramatists were anxious to have her perform in their plays. Her characteristics were a singular naivete of expression blended with refined and graceful manners. She achieved her greatest triumphs in Clarisse Harlowe and La niaise de St. Flour, expressly written for her. She also portrayed with great success characters of a different kind in Le fils de famille, Diane de Lys, and Le demi-monde. On May 12, 1845, she married the manager of the Gymnase theatre, M. Lemoine-Montigny, but continued to appear upon the stage under her own name.