The apostle to the Prussians, born of a noble Saxon family at Quer-furt in 970, killed in 1008. He was an Italian Benedictine, succeeded St. Adalbert in his missionary labors, was active in Poland and among the Petchenegs, became chaplain of the emperor Henry II., and was assassinated by the pagans on the confines of Lithuania. II. Founder of the order of Carthusians, born of a noble family at Cologne about 1040, died at La Torre in Calabria in 1101. Refusing the metropolitan see of Rheims, he forsook the world for the practice of asceticism in the mountain wilds between France and Italy. The order which he founded derives its name from his abode, a desert place called Chartreuse, near Grenoble, where in 1084 he gathered a small community and established rules of a severe austerity. He was invited to Rome in 1089 by Pope Urban II., who had formerly been his disciple, refused the ecclesiastical dignities that were offered him, died in a monastery which he had founded, and was canonized in 1514.