Salamis (now Kuluri), an island of Greece, in the gulf of AEgina, of very irregular form, lying near Attica, from which it is separated by a narrow channel, and 10 m. W. of Athens; greatest length about 10 m., average width about 3 m.; area, about 30 sq. m; pop. 5,000. One small stream flows into the sea on the S. W. coast. The chief modern town is Kuluri, on the W. shore, at the head of the bay of the same name. The island is hilly, and mostly barren, but produces some olives, vines, and cotton. On the E. shore are the ruins of the ancient city of Salamis. - Salamis is said to have been made a kingdom by Telamon, father of Ajax. It continued independent till 620 B. C., when its possession was disputed by Attica and Megaris, and finally it became one of the Attic demi. It was celebrated as the birthplace of Solon and Euripides, but most of all for the great naval victory gained by the Greeks under Themistocles over the fleet of Xerxes in 480 B. C., about the beginning of autumn. (See Greece, vol. viii., p. 190.) Several times in modern wars the inhabitants of Attica have been forced to take refuge in Salamis. - Salamis was also the name of an ancient city of Cyprus, on the E. coast, the most important in that island, ruins of which are still visible at Old Famagusta.