San Miguel, an E. county of New Mexico, bordering on Texas, intersected by the Rio Pecos and Canadian river, and watered by their tributaries; area, about 10,800 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 16,058. A S. projection of this county divides Bernalillo and Valencia counties into two parts. The N. W. portion is mountainous. The chief productions in 1870 were 13,321 bushels of wheat, 83,145 of Indian corn, 186,626 lbs. of wool, 18,650 of cheese, and 1,747 tons of hay. There were 649 horses, 979 mules and asses, 4,834 milch cows, 3,236 working oxen, 4,571 other cattle, 194,309 sheep, and 549 swine; 4 flour mills, and 3 saw mills. Capital, Las Vegas.

San Miguel #1

San Miguel, a city of San Salvador, capital of a department of the same name, in a broad and fertile plain, about 90 m. E. S. E. of the city of San Salvador; pop. about 12,000. It is the most important trading town in Central America. The great fair of La Paz is held here every year. About 5 m. W. of the city is a volcano of the same name, 6,680 ft. high, rising abruptly from the plain, which sends out great volumes of smoke, and occasional eruptions open vast fissures in its sides.