Saturn (Saturnus), an ancient mythical king or deity of Italy, to whom was ascribed the introduction of agriculture and civilization. According to tradition, he reigned on the Capito-line hill, hence also called the Saturnian hill, and after his death was translated to the abodes of the gods. His reign was called the golden age of Italy. With his wife, Ops, the representative of plenty, he was regarded as the protector of agriculture and of all vegetation which tended to the benefit of man, and he carried in his hand a crooked pruning knife. The Greek deity Cronus, with whom he was frequently identified, was the youngest son of Heaven and Earth, and the father of Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, and Pluto. He usurped the sovereignty of Heaven (Uranus), and instituted a reign of peace and plenty, called by the poets the golden age, to which succeeded the rule of Jupiter, who deposed and imprisoned his father. In later times his name was identified withSaturn 1400285 , time, and in the character of the destroyer he was represented as bearing a scythe, and as devouring his own offspring.