Schoffer, Or Schoiffer, Peter, a German printer, born at Gernsheim, near Darmstadt, about 1430, died about 1503. In early life he was a copyist at Paris, but about 1450 became an assistant in the printing establishment of Faust and Gutenberg in Mentz. He introduced many improvements in the art of printing while in their employ, and after their separation in 1455 became a partner of Faust, whose daughter Christine he afterward married. The first book on which his name appears is the celebrated Psalter, August, 1457, reprinted in 1459. This was followed by a number of other works, all remarkable for their beauty of impression and clearness of type. In 1463 he accompanied his father-in-law to Paris to establish a depot for the sale of their books. After the death of Faust about 1466, Schöffer carried on the business alone, and was succeeded by his son Johann. The latter printed chiefly religious works between 1503 and 1531. A monument to Peter Schöffer was erected at Gernsheim in 1836.