I. A Town

A Town (Turk,skudar; anc. Chrysopolis) of Asiatic Turkey, on the Bosporus, opposite Constantinople and the largest suburb of that city; pop. about 70,000. It is built on several hills, and has an imperial palace, eight mosques, a convent of howling dervishes, celebrated Turkish burial grounds, and an English cemetery, where about 8,000 soldiers are buried, and which contains a large obelisk by Marochetti with an inscription in several languages. Near the cemetery are barracks, in the building which during the Crimean war was used as a hospital, celebrated through Florence Nightingale's labors. Scutari is a great centre of traffic between the capital and the Asiatic provinces.

II. A Fortified Town (Albanian

Skodra; Turk A Fortified Town (Albanian. Iskenderieli) of European Turkey, in N. Albania, on the river Boyana, at the S. E. extremity of the lake of Scutari, 15 m. from the Adriatic coast; pop. about 25,000. It is the see of a Greek bishop. About half the population are Catholics under the united archbishopric of Antivari and Scutari, the rest being Greeks and Mohammedans. It has manufactures of cotton goods and firearms, and ship yards, and considerable trade is carried on. On an adjacent lofty hill is a citadel. - The lake of Scutari or Zanta (anc. Labeatis), on the S. W. border of Montenegro, is about 18 m. long from N. W. to S. E. and 6 m. wide. It contains small islands, receives most of the streams of Montenegro, the principal being the Moratcha, and communicates with the sea by the river Bo-yana. It abounds with fish, especially of the carp family.