I. Gottfried

Gottfried, a German architect, born in Hamburg in 1804. He completed his studies in Italy and Greece, and was professor at the academy of art in Dresden and at the school of architecture from 1834 to 1849, when, being implicated in revolutionary movements, he fled to London. Here he taught at the royal academy till 1856, when he became connected with the polytechnic institute at Zürich. His principal works are the observatory at Zürich, the Festtheater at Munich, new theatres at Dresden and Darmstadt, and the new museum and the new imperial palace in Vienna. He has published Die vier Ele-mente der Baukunst (1851), Wissenschaft, Industrie und Kunst (1852), and Der Styl in den technischen und tektonischen Künsten (2 vols., 1860-'65). - His son Hans, born in Dresden in 1845, and since 1871 professor of German in Rome, has published Uehersicht der Geschichte der toscanischen Sculptur bis gegen das Ende des 14. Jahrhunderts (1869), and Do-natello, seine Zeit und seine Schule (1870 et seq.).

II. Karl, A German Traveller

A German Traveller Karl, nephew of the preceding, born in Altona, July 6, 1832. He explored the Philippine islands, and in 1868 became professor of zoölogy at Würz-burg. He has published Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen (3 vols., 1867-72); Die Phi-lippinen und ihre Bewohner (1869); and Die Palau-Inseln im Stillen Ocean (1873).