Shurtleff College,an institution of learning under the control of the Baptists, at Upper Alton, Madison co., Illinois, 1½ m. E. of the city of Alton. It was established in 1832 under the title of Alton seminary, and chartered in 1835 as Alton college. In 1836 its name was changed in honor of Benjamin Shurtleff, M. D., of Boston, who had given it $10,000. It was designed especially for the education of young men for the ministry, but a distinct theological department was not organized till 1863. The institution now consists of an academic and preparatory department, Kendall institute for young ladies, the college, and the theological department. Both sexes are admitted to the academic and preparatory department and to the college. The latter has a classical and a scientific course, on the completion of which the degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of philosophy respectively are conferred. Kendall institute, established in 1873, has a fine building and grounds, and is chiefly used as a home for young ladies attending the other departments. Tuition is free in the theological department, and several scholarships have been founded to provide for the tuition of needy students in the other departments.

Additional aid is afforded to needy candidates for the ministry by the "Illinois Baptist Education Society." The libraries of the institution contain 7,300 volumes. The number of instructors in 1874-5 was 14; of students, 204 (154 males and 50 females), viz.: theological department, 5; college, 53; academic and preparatory department, 146. The number of graduates is 159; of all those who have received instruction in the institution, 3,825. The property of the institution amounts to about $180,000, the debt to $30,000.