Sicard,Roch Ambroise Cucurron, abbe, a French philanthropist, born at Fousseret, near Toulouse, Sept. 20, 1742, died in Paris, May 10, 1822. He was educated at the university of Toulouse, entered holy orders, received instruction from the abbe de l'Epee, opened the school for deaf mutes at Bordeaux in 1786, and became vicar general of Condom and canon of Bordeaux. In 1789, on the death of De l' Epee, he was appointed his successor in the institution at Paris. His former church preferments caused him to be suspected, and on Aug. 26, 1792, he was imprisoned, and barely escaped death at the September massacre. His lectures attracted many of the more eminent literary men of Paris; but he incurred the wrath of the directory, and was banished for his strictures upon the government. He improved De l'Epee's method by the addition of signs for metaphysical ideas. In 1815 he visited England, taking with him his pupils Massieu and Clerc. He published several works on deaf-mute instruction. (See Deaf and Dumb, vol. v., p. 733).