I. Philipp Franz Von

Philipp Franz Von, a German traveller, born in Wiirzburg, Feb. 17, 1796, died in Munich, Oct. 18, 1866. He studied medicine, natural sciences, and geography, and in 1822 went to Batavia as a physician and naturalist in the Dutch service, and in 1823 to Japan as a member of the Dutch embassy. In 1826 he went to Yedo, and was involved in difficulties with the Japanese for procuring an official map of their country. Finally acquitted, lie returned to Europe in 1830, but from 1859 to 1862 resided again in Japan. He published Nippon, Archil) zur Beschreibung von Japan (20 vols., Leyden, 1832-'57); Fauna Japonica (jointly with Temminck and others, 1833 et seq.); Flora Japonica (1835 et seq.); Bibli-otheca Japonica (jointly with J. Hoffmann, 6 vols., 1833-41); and several other works on Japan.

II. Karl Theodor Ernst Von

Karl Theodor Ernst Von, a German physiologist, brother of the preceding, born in Wiirzburg, Feb. 16, 1804. After teaching in various places, he became in 1853 professor of physiology,, comparative anatomy, and after ward also of zoology, at Munich. His principal works are Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Anatomic der wirbellosen Thiere (Berlin, 1848; English translation, London, 1854), and Beitrdge zur Parthenogenesis der Arthropoden (1871).