I. A S. County Of Mississippi

A S. County Of Mississippi, bounded W. by Pearl river, and intersected by Strong river; area, about 625 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 5,718, of whom 1,711 were colored. The soil is sandy, and there are extensive pine woods. The chief productions in 1870 were 72,832 bushels of Indian corn, 15,420 of oats, 29,520 of sweet potatoes, 2,134 bales of cotton, 8,240 lbs. of rice, 5,797 of wool, and 28,860 of butter. There were 871 horses, 1, 631 milch cows, 1,237 working oxen, 2,713 other cattle, 4,211 sheep, and 7,793 swine. Capital,Westville.

II. A S. County Of Kentucky

A S. County Of Kentucky, bordering on Tennessee and drained by tributaries of Big Barren river and by Red river; area, 375 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 9,573, of whom 2,167 were colored. The surface is level and the soil very fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 107,242 bushels of wheat, 402,379 of Indian corn, 73,682 of oats, 1,072,401 lbs. of tobacco, 14,572 of wool, 72,004 of butter, and 8,806 gallons of sorghum molasses. There were 2,091 horses, 1,311 milch cows, 1,928 other cattle, 7,410 sheep, and 13,951 swine. The Louisville, Nashville, and Great Southern railroad passes through the capital, Franklin.