Sims Reeves, an English singer, born in Woolwich in 1821. He received his earliest instruction from his father, from H. Callcott lessons in harmony, from J. B. Cramer on the piano, and from Hobbs and T. Cooke in singing. His early vocal instructors mistook the character of his voice, developing it as a baritone, and at 19 Reeves made his début at New-castle-on-Tyne as Rudolpho in La sonnambula. Later he took lessons of Bordogni in Paris, who corrected the mistake as to the quality of his voice, and brought out its true character, that of a tenor of great range. He completed his musical education under Mazzucato at Milan, and before leaving that city appeared at La Scala as Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor. He made his début in London, at Drury Lane, Dec. 6, 1847, in the same role. At the Norwich musical festival in the autumn of 1848 he showed a faculty for interpreting the works of Handel, Haydn, and Mendelssohn, which has made him the leading oratorio tenor in England. He continued to sing with increasing reputation in Italian and English opera and in concert and oratorio till 1856, since which he has sung chiefly in the concert room.