Sir Thomas Noon Talfoird, an English author, born at Doxey, a suburb of Stafford, Jan. 26, 1795, died in Stafford, March 13,1854. He was called to the bar in London in 1821, and in 1833 was made serjeant at law. From 1835 to 1841 he was member of parliament for Reading, and again from 1847 to 1849, when he was made a judge of the court of common pleas. In parliament he was distinguished by his efforts in behalf of the rights of authors, for whose benefit he introduced in 1837 the copyright act which, somewhat modified, was passed in 1842. His tragedy of "Ion " (1835) was acted with great success under the direction of Mr. Macready, and was followed by "The Athenian Captive" (1838), "Glencoe" (1840), and " The Castilian " (1854). The last was not acted, and " The Athenian Captive " and "Glencoe" were but moderately successful on the stage. His other works include memoirs and correspondence of his friend Charles Lamb (1837 and 1838, subsequently published as one work), and "Final Memoirs1' (1848).