Sir Travers Twiss, an English jurist, born in London in 1810. He graduated at Oxford in 1840, and was professor of political economy there from 1842 to 1852, afterward of international law at King's college, London, and from 1855 to 1870 regius professor of civil law at Oxford. During the same time, after his admission to the bar, he held various offices, and in 1867 was knighted on becoming queen's advocate general, from which office he retired in 1872. His works include "Epitome of Niebuhr's History of Rome " (1837); "he Law of Nations, considered as independent Political Communities" (1861), in a revised and enlarged edition of which (1876) he maintains that the three points of the Geneva court of arbitration served only to settle a passing dispute, and are now a dead letter; "The Black Book of the Admiralty," relating to ancient maritime customs and laws (1874 et seq.); and Monumenta Juridica (3 vols., 1875 et seq.). The last two were published under the auspices of the master of the rolls. He has also published an annotated edition of Livy (4 vols., 1840-41).