Slovaks, a Slavic people, belonging to the western stem of the race, and inhabiting chiefly the mountainous regions of N. W. Hungary and the adjoining portions of Moravia. Their number is estimated at nearly 3,000,000, more than two thirds of whom are Catholics, and the remainder Lutherans. They are of medium stature, have blue eyes, straight and long hair, a yellowish skin, and generally coarse features. They are chiefly engaged in agriculture and mining. Numbers of them spend their lives wandering through various countries of Europe, selling linen, mouse traps, and other articles of wire work. The language of the Slovaks is a sub-dialect of the Bohemian or Czech, which latter is generally used by them as a literary medium, as by Kollar, Schafarik, Holly, and other writers, and is also the language of their church services. - The Slovaks occupied their present abodes early in the middle ages, and in the 9th century they formed the nucleus of the Moravian empire until its destruction by the Magyars.