Somauli, Or Somal, the general name of the tribes inhabiting that portion of Africa S. of the gulf of Aden, and extending from Cape Guardafui and the straits of Bab-el-Mandeb to the Doho river. The eastern tribes are called Burri, the western Gulbedh. The principal eastern tribes are the Midjertheyn, the Wursumgalli, and Dulbhanta; the principal western, the Habr Awal, the Habr Tul Jaala, and the Habr Gerhajis. The eastern tribes are generally peaceable and orderly, the western savage and warlike. They are all Mohammedans, and are very superstitious, believing in charms and witchcraft. They live generally in houses made of mats. Slavery exists among them. In war they use shields, spears, bows, and poisoned arrows. Their principal articles of trade are various kinds of gums, tragacanth, myrrh, and especially frankincense. They are generally governed by chiefs, who however have little power. The characters and modes of life of the various tribes differ greatly. Their language is a mixture of Arabic and Galla words, and the race is supposed to be of the same mixed origin.