549 & 551 Broadway, New York, June 15, 1876'.

It has been reported to us that certain dealers in books, in various parts of the country, have promised to supply the American CyclopAedia, when completed, at some reduction from the published subscription price of the work; and, as many are waiting, expecting that these promises will be fulfilled, we think it proper to call attention to these reports.

As the sixteenth volume, completing the work, is ready, and is now being delivered to subscribers, we take occasion to warn all general agents, through whom alone any copies can be furnished, that, in any cases of sale to any persons at less than the full subscription price, we shall at once withdraw the agency, and hold them personally responsible for any damage that may result to us thereby. We wish it understood that we hold the general agent responsible to us for any departure from this rule on the part of sub-agents employed by him.

We purpose to hold the work, when completed, as a subscription book, just as during its progress to completion, and we trust our agents will appreciate this positive adherence to price, which is to their advantage, and to the credit and character of the business in which they are engaged.

It would be extremely unfair and unjust toward those who have sustained and upheld us in this large undertaking, by receiving and paying for the volumes as issued, to ascertain that they had been unfairly dealt with in being able to purchase the work at a less price when completed.

So far as it is in our power, we shall protect these subscribers, and our agents who supplied them with the work, which is sold, considering its great cost, as low as we can afford to sell it.


D. Appleton & Co., Publishers.

Important Announcement

Subscribers to the American CyclopAedia will be glad to learn that Rev. Dr. T. J. Conant, whose scholarship is so well known, has, in connection with his daughter, Miss Blandina Conant, prepared an exhaustive Index to the sixteen volumes of the Cyclopaedia. The work is now in press and will be published in the autumn.