Staempfli, Or Stampfli, Jakob, a Swiss statesman, born at Schtipfen, canton of Bern, in 1820. He is the son of a farmer, and acted as a servant in France in order to acquire the language. Subsequently he studied law in Bern, and became an advocate and an ultra-radical journalist. In 1846 he and Ochsenbein were the chief promoters of the revision of the constitution, and in the same year he presided over the financial department in the council of state. In 1847, as representative of the canton of Bern in the diet, he was prominent in pushing on the war with the seven Catholic cantons which had formed the Sonderbund, and in insisting upon the expulsion of the Jesuits. In 1848 he failed of election to the national council, on account of his objections to the new constitution. In 1849, 1851, 1859, and 1862 he was president of the republic, and in the intervals he was vice president and minister of war; and he resumed the latter office in 1863. In 1865 he retired, and in 1872 ho was one of the arbitrators at Geneva under the treaty of "Washington.